Press Release : DVD single Good Lookin’ Baddies

Music by K. Y. McKay
Good Lookin’ Baddies is the first solo single from K. Y. McKay featuring his distinctive celtic vocals and a rockin' garage band. With intertwining themes of fatherhood, teenage angst and writers block, the lyrics are a stream of pop hooks as the song builds to its strange climax...

K. Y. McKay is the former lead singer of Albania whose album "Life After Death Is on the Phone: The Best of Albania" on Chiswick Records is rated 4.5/5 stars by All Music Guide.

Demo Album In The Purple now available.

Visuals by Douglas Cape
The extraordinary visuals of Good Lookin’ Baddies were made without a single frame of video. Despite the impossible zooms and dizzying pans the entire video is assembled from panoramas taken on a stills camera. You won't have seen anything like this before, so hold tight and turn it up.

Douglas Cape is the founder of, home of interactive and panoramic photography. He also took the famous NME cover shot of Morrissey showing stigmata.